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EP14: IronMan Athlete shares his journey, habits, and discusses network programmability

May 02, 2017

Mark Moffett leads System Engineering for State, Local Government, and Education for the Eastern United States. He and his team of 130+ Systems Engineering Managers/Systems Engineers/Architects are responsible for the design/deployment of Cisco Solutions. And he is also a ironman triathlon athlete and loves to compete!

Your favorite quote?
If you’re lucky enough to find a person with a lot of head and a lot of heart, they will never going to

come off the field second. Vince Lombardi

Favorite Tool and Application?
App: Spark

Favorite Book:

NEW Cisco Architecture and DevNet:


  • 4:55

    Lost 62 Pounds….

  • 5:45

    What is a IronMan and how does it help you be a better engineer?

  • 9:55

    Air Force Tech Control – 3C2 > Now 3D0X1

  • 18:20

    What is a Pre-Sales Engineer vs Post Sales Engineer? What are they responsible for on a daily or weekly basis?

  • 24:30

    What is DevNet and how can I get some programming training for free?

  • 26:40

    What is Cisco Digital Network Architecture? Learn how it relates to network programmability.

  • 36:00

    Mark shares his 3 things that helped him build a successful career.



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